Antique, Classic, and Muscle Car Enthusiasts are a special breed of people. When it comes to repairing (even a scratch or ding) or Fully restoring their vehicles, they demand only the highest caliper Automotive Restoration Facility. Expertise and Craftsmanship are words spoken and lived by in this industry. Babbsco Collision is your only choice in top quality “Show Winning” automotive restoration. Corvettes to Corvairs to Cords, we take the care and precision craftsmanship to make your vehicle what a lot of our customers say is “better than new.”

The Restoration Process:

  • Written Estimate (We provide you with a comprehensive written estimate that breaks down the parts and labor for each step of the restoration process)
  • Disassembly (One you engage us, we go through careful disassembly of the entire vehicle, right down to the frame or uni-body)
  • Paint Strip (Every square inch of the vehicle is stripped of the paint to reveal bare metal, welds, old repairs, bondo, and seam sealer)
  • Body Repair and Parts Restoration (All old bondo is removed, welds are checked and repaired, body panels are straightened or replaced, or in some cases fabricated, all body sections are restored to new condition. All parts like bumpers, hinges, emblems etc. are restored to like new condition or replaced if needed)
  • Prime and Paint (The vehicle is primed with special primers and wet sanded to insure a smooth finish and proper paint adhesion. This process is repeated until the quality and proper surface has been achieved. The proper paint, either Lacquer or Enamel is carefully applied by our Technical Paint Artist in our Downdraft, Heated spray booth. The vehicle is then wet sanded and polished to a factory fresh appearance)
  • Reassembly (Parts are put back on with great attention to detail. Hood, Trunk, and Doors are aligned and reinstalled as are the Fenders and all other elements of the vehicle)
  • Mechanical Repair (All mechanical functions including all electrical systems and fuel systems are diagnosed and checked and repaired as needed by professional mechanics)
  • Final Inspection and Road Testing (The vehicle goes through an exhaustive final inspection check list and then road tested by Paul to insure it looks and is operating properly)
  • Final Detail and Delivery (After inspection, the vehicle gets the “Royal Detail” treatment. It is cleaned and detailed to show winning condition. The vehicle can be delivered directly to the customer, or picked up in our lake Worth Florida location)

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